Amadeus launches next generation load planning technology to help North American airlines manage revenue leakage below the wing

Wednesday, November 04, 2015 -

Amadeus LogoAmadeus, the leading technology provider for the global travel industry, today announced the launch of the Amadeus Flight Management solution in North America.

industry-leading load planning solution enables airlines to centralize and automate their processes to reduce revenue loss without compromising accuracy and make their operations more efficient.

“The next big opportunity for airlines in North America lies below the wing. Today the load planning systems and manual processes they have relied upon for decades are not up to best-in-class standards.

have found that on average about 25% of total flights carry too much fuel, and at times more than 50% of flights, leading to unnecessary expenses. Amadeus’ load planning solution enables airlines to significantly reduce or virtually eliminate this over-planning of fuel while gaining operational and business benefits,” said Ilia Kostov, Chief Commercial Officer, Airline IT, Amadeus North America.

Optimizing flight management also requires an airline’s load planners to aggregate vast amounts of data and communicate critical cargo and baggage details prior to a flight’s departure. Amadeus’ load planning solution was designed with airline load planners in mind.

“Amadeus’ approach demonstrates our commitment to providing airlines and their teams with next generation solutions that streamline pre-departure efficiencies, simplify the load planning process and drive greater opportunities and value for our customers below the wing,” said Kostov.

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